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Car Axle Drive


In a vehicle driveshaft plays an important role in connecting the engine and drive wheels. Thus, it makes an effort and suppresses vibration when turning the wheels and suspension moving. All drive shafts are equipped with two joints. One joint is fixed and it is installed on the wheel side. Another one is movable joint and it is installed on the side of the differential. Both joints are jointed by a grooved bowl.


In addition to the suppression of vibration and noise, the main roles performed by the driveshaft are effect on the dynamics of the car, and therefore the extension of service, as well as the efficiency and optimization of its weight. Almost every day drive shafts are subjected to transformation, as car parts makers are constantly optimizing their products, improving both technology and material in the course of research.


Also, do not forget that modern drive shafts improve overall vehicle safety. New shafts are provided with a high torsion rigidity and increase the life time of a car at high speeds. If you have any problems with the drive shaft or joints it is necessary to replace this important spare car part. If you hear any noise when driving the car and at high speed or when cornering there is vibration, it is necessary to check the state of the drive shaft.


Of course, it is very expensive to order new drive shaft or joints in service centres. Moreover, you will need to wait for two weeks or even more until they will get your car part from makers. It is much cheaper to order drive shaft and other parts for your car - brake cylinder or fuel filter, in the Internet shop. All the more your order will be delivered much faster.


An axle is a central shaft around which a wheel rotates. Axle drive parts include the driveshaft, which is responsible for delivering engine power to the wheels of the car via the gearbox, differential and CV joints. Other axle drive parts include the transfer gear mount, propshaft joint and propshaft centre bearing. can supply axle drive and other car parts. Visit to buy car parts for any car and have them delivered for free (for orders over £30).