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Car Electrics


All modern cars are fitted with extensive electrical and lighting systems, and allpartszone have a huge collection of components designed to keep you, your vehicle and other road users safe on the road. Browse the items listed below to find the part you need. With time, sensors, switches, car batteries and other components may need to be replaced if they are faulty. If any of your vehicle's electrical components are defective, it could lead to compromised performance.

The maintenance of alarm systems is important to prevent the theft of your vehicle or possessions which are left unsupervised inside. 

Replacing faulty or broken lights on your car is extremely important too, and failing to replace headlights and taillights can lead to points on your license. For your own safety, and those who you share the road with, it is vital to maintain functional lighting on all areas of your vehicle. is one of largest car parts and accessories supplier in the UK. We specialise in all the major car parts like car timing belts, dampers, clutch pedals, clutch disc, brake valves, brake disc, brake pads, alternators, coil springs, oil sumps, oil filters, air filters. We will provide you with the best on the market at great prices. You can browse our website or contact our sales team by email, by telephone on 020 8426 4177 or on Live Chat.